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Try creative writing as therapy

write your book unleash your imagination start creating release emotions solve your themes discover new identities connect with your artist awaken old passions defeat your fears end your self-sabotage overcome your childhood get to know yourself better

with me

I can help you if

I would be delighted to be your guide.

It’s not a coincidence you that you are here.
Creative writing is more than therapy. It’s a journey.

I invite you to tell the story in you.

Don’t wait for motivation. Just get started.
It‘s in your hands.

  • You want to try creative writing
  • You’d like to write a book or start writing articles,
  • You are stuck in self-criticism
  • You want to try The Artist Way – a method recommended by
    Russel Brand, Elisabeth Gilbert and many others
  • You want to understand and overcome your perfectionism

What can we do together


Let me guide you.

Use creative writing as a therapeutical tool

Transform all your emotions
into something beautiful.


Writing can feel a bit lonely sometimes.

Create a ritual of something you love.
I invite you to make some time just for you.

Meet like-minded people who’ll write with you regularly


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