Drop the perfection

  • Reconnect with your authenticity,
  • Learn to lose your desire to be perfect

How do we start?

You have started your Artist Way already – by showing up.
Maybe you already know what you’ll write about.

Perfectionism is not an asset. It’s a trap.

This conditional love is not real.
The desire to be perfect is the enemy of creativity.

Write yourself to kindness

From a long-term perspective, perfectionists don’t have the strength to jump over an ever-higher crossbar.

A perfectionist is slowly becoming less concentrated, may fall into neurosis and become emotionally unstable.

A perfectionist can appear careless from the outside, talk about herself with a slight hint of irony, but there is an urge to put herself down behind the façade. A fear of not being good enough.

  • Stop talking about your story, start writing it
  • Let your story flow and live its own life
  • Be kind to yourself

Write yourself to authenticity

All of us, as children, we had 2 basic needs
the need for authenticity
the need for attachment

  • Authenticity is our need to express ourselved and show our feelings, whine or laugh out loud, or dance – whenever we wanted
  • The need for emotional attachment is the need to belong to someone and somewhere. In the moment when we are supposed to choose between these needs.

10 out of 10 times, we choose attachment

A child will always rather surpress its basic needs to keep an attachment to the caretaker. It cannot afford to lose it, it is a question of survival

Before we become adults, we let ourselves down many times.
We learn to compromise our needs

Creative writing will help you find our own authority
connect with your feelings and imagination