Each of us is an artist

  We all have a creative spirit.

  Reading and writing have been my passion since childhood. I have been writing for magazines for several years and studying ways of self-knowledge and therapy. I write every day and will be happy to help you get started. Creative writing is one of the kindest ways in which you can start talking to yourself with compassion again. Be free to write authentically.

  When we were little, we were able to draw or write, or build something quite immersed with this activity for hours.
We were in the flow. Unconcerned about the quality of our work. We enjoyed the process.

  How did we forget to be in the flow and when?
Many of us started to be frightened of our own work the moment we began to judge it. Uncompromisingly.

  The Artist Way is a powerful method that
will help you find your voice.
I use this one and many others to unlock your fear of judgement.

What Can I do for You?


Join my free regular writing group

If you are stuck and long for a little shift or inspiration,

join a regular online,

where you can write weekly for an hour.

with your fellow writers.

Creative writing is for you if…

  • You’ve been thinking about writing for years, but you’re still gaining courage
  • You are looking for a form of
    self-realisation and reading and writing is up your street
  • You are constantly self-sabotaging yourself
  • You are too self-critical; even if you create something, you are put off by the idea that it is not “perfect”, not good enough or it’s not simply what it “ought to be”
  • You have no idea where and how to start writing
  • You don’t have time because you can’t say “no” to people and you can’t put aside any time for yourself
  • You feel overwhelmed and can’t even imagine when you could write on to-p of your work, activities and chores
  • You try to please others, more than you think of yourself, and you often dream of disappearing – just so you can write, though you never do

Need more guidance?

Try individual consultations

  1. First, we will find out what’s not working and why do you feel stuck
  2. We plan together: we will create time & space which will only be yours to write
  3. You will sign a pledge promising to finish the 13-week challenge – your own Artist Way
  4. We will meet every week, or every other week to discuss your progress and blocks as they unravel
  5. You go through many exercises. The process takes max 26 weeks in total if we meet once in a fortnight

Book sessions with me

60 min

In an hour, we can usually reveal which places are sensitive and which to focus on.

I will help you get started through a specific plan.


Individual Consultation


1 x 60 min

60min RATE

80 eur

13 Weeks – 20% off

It is useful if you are ready to start writing systematically.

I will accompany you in the form of one meeting per week, or once every two weeks.

This package must be used up within 7 months of its purchase.


Long-term mentoring


13 x 60 min

60min Rate

60 eur

What happens in individual sessions?

  • Individual consultations take place online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If the signal drops out by accident, I’ll call you.
  • Prefer to meet me in person instead? You can visit my home in Prague.
  • You can get acquainted with The Artist Way method In my short videos and have a think, whether it would suit you, or whether you want to try an individual approach
  • I bring all my knowledge and experience to the sessions that personally helped me on my journey.
  • I tailor the sessions for your needs. In our process we may try Gestalt, a meditation technique, analyze your dreams or modify your written texts according to the advice of Stephen King. Anything is possible.
  • If you felt during our first session that I am not the right fit to help you, we will interrupt the consultation after 15 minutes, and I will not charge you anything. You can also record our session.
  • Do you feel like writing me a few words before you try a session? You can outline what bothers you and what you’d like to focus on? I’ll be happy to have a read through it. Email me.